Themes Covered

—- A note to clarify with new followers who may not be aware:
I will be changing my theme constantly. It will never, ever stay on one topic for too long. The whole point of this blog is to cover a variety of different themes and topics. If you’re not a big fan of change and blogs that spam your dashboard, maybe I’m not the right blog to follow. If that is your cup of tea and you’re interested in adding variety to your dashboard, then by all means, go ahead - follow/reblog/like all you wish —-

*Also please follow me because you like my blog, not because you’re expecting a follow back.

So far I’ve covered:

* Musical instruments
(the piano, acoustic guitar, flute, violin & harp)

* Books & novels

* Movies on DVD & occasional VHS

* TV series

* Televisions

* Cameras

* Polaroid cameras

* Polaroid photographs

* Underwater

* Resorts / holiday homes / outdoor pools

* Indoor pools

* Bathtubs

* Bubbles

* Steam in a cup

* Steam writing / vapor on windows

* Watching rain from behind windows

* Raindrops & puddles

* Creative pictures in the rain

* People in the rain
(playing, with umbrellas, happy, creative, etc.) 

* Being kissed in the rain

* Romance / couples
(kisses/hugs/hand holding/affection)

* Hands

* Hands making hearts

* Rainbows ;

* Rainbow doodles

* Pencils, pastels, crayons (art supplies)

* Sharpies

* Paint palettes, brushes & paint

* Miscellaneous rainbow coloured images 

* Post it notes

* Envelopes

* Postbox(es)

* Lampposts 

* Lanterns

* Candles

* Lighters

* Burning

* Jack-o-lanterns (Halloween)

* Creative pictures of pumpkins (Halloween)

* Candy (Halloween)

* Costumes (Halloween)

* Halloween-themed-nail art

* Vampires
(Vampire teeth/fangs, vampire novels/vampiric items and or merchandise, vampire humour)  

* A small selection of creepy illustrations of fairy tales and such… (because it just didn’t seem logical to me to rush into a enchanted, fairy like theme after covering vampires :l)

* Enchanted, mystical/eerie forests 

*Fairytales, (this theme is a little more wish-washy than normal and is quite a bit more widely covered so I’ve started off with fairy-tale-like pictures, places, and re-creations of some fairytales.)

Fairytales & Disney Princesses: (in more detail)
* Red riding hood
* Goldilocks
* Rapunzel 
* Alice in Wonderland
* Sleeping Beauty (Aurora)
* Cinderella 
* Snow White
* Beauty and the Beast (Belle)
* The Little Mermaid (Ariel) 

* Hair colours: (bright red to ”ginger”, pale blonde to sandy blonde, mousy brown to chocolate brown/brunette, brunette to black, black to bluey-black, bluey black to vibrant blue, vibrant blue to blue-green, blue-green to pale green, pale green to vibrant green, ”cotton candy” pink to a vibrant pink, vibrant pink to pink-purple, pink-purple to pale purple, pale purple to vibrant purple, vibrant purple to rainbow)

* Nail polish
* Nail art

*Asian fashion
*English fashion
*American fashion
*French fashion

*Pink heels
*Blue heels
*Black heels 

*Ground/Autumn-like photos

*Puffy clouds
*Dark blue skies
*Night skies 
*Starry night skies
*Nebulas/galaxies (&some artistic pictures involving nebulas/galaxies) 

Current / upcoming theme: 

*The moon